Olivia, day 9 of her Heartworm Treatment

Olivia has not needed pain medication in a few days now and she feels good. Her appetite still lacks a little, but she's not in pain anymore. She wants to play with the other dogs, but has learned that she needs to stay quiet and then she gets her cuddles and all is good :).

She also came out of heat finally, which helped a lot to calm her down too!

I think Honey is about to start though!! I set up her appointment to be spayed for next week Wednesday. There was no earlier appointment available. I hope she won't start with the "mess" before that!

The 4 Border Collie puppies are doing great too. The only male and runt could grow a bit bigger for my taste, but he appears to be ok, except that he's half the size of his 3 very strong sisters.

They are spending most of their time outside in the sun now, but get hot really fast, so they need a lot of shade too and wet towles to sleep on. They love wet towels. Honey still cares for them, but is totally dried up.

We are going to start the puppies on solids today, this is going to be fuuuuuun and very very messy! I will post pictures later!

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