Olivia, Border Collie Puppies and the rest of the Gang

Well, the 2nd week of the heartworm treatment is almost over. I was told it's the most dangerous.

Olivia seems a little bit on the down side, since she can't act like a dog I guess, but she also sleeps a lot and is doing otherwise ok, so I'm not worried. The vet said that she might get a little depressed. So she gets some extra brushing (she loooves her soft bristle horse brush!! It shows in the shine, doesnt' it?) and TLC.

The pups are starting to run around now, falling all over themselves lol, and Honey doesn't take much care of them anymore. She does go in there a few times a day and still cleans them, but she won't lay down with them anymore.

WOW, big paw right there!!! hahaha

Her appointment to get spayed is next Wednesday!

Yesterday we received a box of rawhide from a kind dog lover, Olliver can't wait lol:

Thank you, Claudia!!!

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