Stephenville is one step closer to a Dog Park

2 nights ago, the city council members of Stephenville had a work session. Their agenda included the dog park proposal. I went down there with a friend, who is a journalist major and offered to do the talking for me, because public speaking and I just don't agree with each other!

Alex, my friend, did a great job, because the council voted AYE unanimously to move the proposal forward to the Parks and Rec. board to research and see what it would cost to construct and maintain a dog park. The result of that research will then be taken back to the city council for final voting, if I understood that correctly.

I'm sure other issues will come up that need to be researched such as legal liabilities etc., but the overall chances for a dog park in Stephenville are very good!

Alex and I will keep pursuing this actively, hopefully get a chance to speak to the Parks and Rec. board, see if we can be of assistance with the research we have already done, explore different avenues, do some brainstorming, etc.

I am in the middle of putting up a little website and maybe even start a local petition this way:

As of this writing, the site is still under development.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Alex for her having my back in this.

YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

And I would also like to thank Briana Reyes and her dog Jackson, who was shot by an off duty police officer at the city park. Without this unfortunate incident I would have never thought of proposing a dog park, but I refused to participate in the blame games and rather pondered about possible solutions or preventions. The dog park idea was the result. So hopefully Briana's and Jackson's traumatic experience will result in something good in the end. They are a true inspiration.

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