Olivia started Heartworm Treatment

I just dropped Olivia off at the Animal Health and Medical Center in Stephenville. She is starting the heartworm treatment today. I have to admit I am a little bit nervous, but I also know she is in the best hands possible...the hands that saved her life when she was close to death.

Olivia's story as well as the story of the other rescue dogs here, was in the Sunday paper yesterday. What a great article that was and the layout just blew my mind! Kudos to the writer (Joyce Whitis) and layout artist (Kelly Mason)!

Here is a link to a picture of the Empire Tribune:


I will add a link to the online version of the article, IF they put it on there at all.

In the meantime, Honey continues to take care of the Border Collie puppies:

and Olliver thinks he's actually helping:

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