Olivia, Great Dane, 3rd Day of Heartworm Treatment - back Home

I just picked up Olivia from the Animal Health and Medical Center here in Stephenville. She spent 2 days there and received injections that have started to kill those damn worms in her heart. Now the liver has to clean them all out, meaning it'll take up to 5 weeks where I have to keep her very quiet. No playing, no running, no nothing.

Then she will get spayed...and everything is payed for! Can you imagine! The clinic covered part of the costs, which is amazing, because they really didn't have to do this. They never even got paid for the week they had her after she was seized..so this clinic is definitely about animals and not designer furniture in the waiting room, which I appreciate a lot!

Poor thing is still in heat, 2nd week into it now, and she's giving Olliver the eye lol.

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