Great Dane in a Chihuahua Bed

Olivia decided it's time to try out our old Chihuahua Mix Sandy's bed. Isn't it amazing how small Danes can make themselves?

For some reason this bed is very loved, since I remember Kicker, the Dumpster Puppy (Great Dane Mix), squeezing himself into it as well:

and Josie with Samson:

Everybody but Sandy LOL!

I pulled Honey's stitches today. She did not move or flinch, I think she didn't even breathe..what a girl! She healed up well. The last stitch removal was sort of a finalizing moment, because with that she is ready to start living now.

We'll plan to take all the dogs out to Proctor Lake next week on a long hike. This is going to be fuuuuuun.

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