Kitty Updates

The bad news:
there are only 2 left from the litter of 6 newborns. My guess is that they were premature, because they were so tiny and the 4 of them didn't have much of a chance. We tried hard though.

The good news:
the remaining 2 kittens, including the red male, are strong and growing and pooping just fine!
Yes, kitty poop can get me ecstatic LOL. It does tell you a whole lot about the kitten's condition though. My husband said that I am the only person he knows that jumps up and down clapping her hands about a piece of kitten poop! hehehehe

I am keeping a close eye on the lighter colored calico of the litter of the 4 girls. She only weighs half of what her sisters weigh and is not eating as much as I would like her to. But she looks ok, is not dehydrated and her digestion appears to be ok too, except she seems to have no control over her bladder, while her sisters are using the litter box for almost a week now.

The 3 sisters are almost ready to go up for adoption. One more week the most!

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