How old is the Kitty? Determine the Kitten's Age

Orphaned Kitten Care

How old is the Kitty? Orphaned Kitty Care

Determining Kitten's Age

Under one week: Eyes shut, ears flat to head, skin looks pinkish. Part of umbilical cord may still be attached.

1 week-10 days: Eyes beginning to open, ears still flat. A kitten this age is smaller than your hand.

3 weeks: Eyes are fully open, ears are erect, teeth are visible. Kittens this age are just starting to walk and will be very wobbly.

4-5 weeks: Eyes have changed from blue to another color and/or kittens have begun to pounce and leap. Kittens this age will begin to eat regular cat food.

How old am I?

Your Active Pet
Your Active Pet

Development Characteristics

Age Characteristics
5-8 days
Ears open
8 days-2 weeks
Eyes open
2½ weeks
Can crawl
3 weeks
Ears erect; Stands up
3½ weeks
Sight and sound oriented; Can follow noise/objects
4 weeks
Can eliminate without help; Can learn to lap from dish and eat solid foods

PETsMART Cat Food Calculator
PETsMART Cat Food Calculator

Age Surrounding temp. Feeding Weight
0-1 weeks
85°-90° F
6 times daily
3-4 ounces at birth
6-8 ounces at 1 week
1-2 weeks
80°-85° F
5 times daily
8-10 ounces
2-3 weeks>
75°-80° F
4 times daily
10-12 ounces
3-4 weeks
70°-75° F
3 times daily
12-14 ounces
4+ weeks
70° F
3 times daily
14 ounces and up

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